Blessed Movement

Last night and today were filled with things that needed to be done.  Bless my sweet daughter for providing opportunity to get out, stretch my legs, and not feel like a burden to others.  Granted, it was not a good experience for her, it did provide me a little relief from the mundane existence that I am dealing with right now.


Down Time

In my family, I am a doer.  I must do the laundry.  I must take the kids to school.  I must mow the yard.  I must work.  So much to do, I will create the time to do it.

Unfortunately for me, I just had surgery.  That’s right.  The one obstacle that I had not figured into my days.  Though I made time to do that too.  The problem now is that I am forced into “Down Time.”

“This was a major surgery, you must give your body time to heal,” the doctor says.  “Let the kids help with the chores,” my husband says.  “You can’t go back to work for at least four weeks and no driving,” I am told.

I am sure it all sounds so simple, but I have a tremendous amount of emotion pent up.  The easy life for me????  Never!

I am now bored out of my mind.  I don’t watch television.  I rarely listen to music.  I like to read, but I can’t focus because of all the things I want to be doing instead.  So maybe I have slipped a few times. I did mow the yard one week after surgery, but I was careful.  I did the laundry the day I came home from the hospital, but I bent with my knees and not at my waist.  Then I got the ultimatum.  Be still or else.

I don’t want to know what the else includes, so I have been good, but it is so frustrating.  I still want to do.  I still need to do.  I just think about all that I will start on when my down time has finished.

I hate Down Time.